What is Explore Parkour?

Explore Parkour is a way for me to pass on what I’ve learned through my own research and experience as well as from all the awesome people I’ve met along the way. I want to make a resource for Parkour/movement that you can use for your own training and/or coaching. My aim is for these resources to be available in many different languages as well so that your native language won’t be a barrier to your Parkour training. Good luck in your training and I hope some of these resources can help your progress in some way!

– Jereme Sanders, Founder


None of this would be possible without the help of my friends along the way, here is the current list of people that help make Explore Parkour what it is.

From translations to reviews, photo and video editing or gathering resources these are some of the humans I trust to help polish the content you see!

Jereme Sanders

Founder, Content Creatiton

Pedro Bessa

Portuguese Support, Content Creation

Selen Gürmen Sanders

Turkish Support, Web Design, Content Creation


Omar Moreno

Spanish Support


Serag Alafandy

Arabic Support

Global Community

These are other organizations I’ve worked or trained with that are spreading Parkour and movement in a nice way. If you are in their area go check them out!


Mad Laboratory

Parkour Generations Brazil

Academia Pico

Voltz Parkour

Parkour City

Ponto B

Move 4 Life

Start Parkour

Parkour Campinas

Fly Parkour


APEX Parkour

Unparalleled Movement

Tempest Freerunning Academy

American Parkour


Acro Academy


Parkour DXB

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Cat Leap

Cat Leap

Also known as: Cat, Arm Jump, Cat JumpMovement Pieces The basic sequence of micro-transitions in this move is… - Like a Precision Jump, start with your toes at the edge of the obstacle. Squat - close to 1/3 -  and bring your arms down and back as you lean forward -...

Challenge Hunter

Challenge Hunter

Essentials GoalTo have the most points at the end of all rounds. ChallengeYou have limited time to find your challenge and limited attempts to complete the found challenges. SpaceA large enough space with enough obstacles for players to find challenges. More players...

Finding Flow Part 2: Micro-transitions

Finding Flow Part 2: Micro-transitions

Part 2: Micro-transitions While you hear the term “flow” thrown around a lot in Parkour, it is an aspect of movement that can be elusive without targeted practice. This series aims to clear up some of the misunderstandings that exist around conservation of momentum...