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Actionable Feedback

Actionable Feedback

Coaching Content As a teacher we want to make sure we find the right answers for the problems that arise in our students. The answer may not always be the ones we are used to, or the solutions that worked for us. Like an engineer working towards increasing the...

Intro to Spotting

Intro to Spotting

If you’ve ever stood in front of a corner to help protect a friend during a jump or wanted to learn any acrobatic movements then you’ve had some experience with spotting already. Spotting is offering physical and/or emotional support during a movement to make that...

Cat Leap

Cat Leap

Also known as: Cat, Arm Jump, Cat JumpMovement Pieces The basic sequence of micro-transitions in this move is… - Like a Precision Jump, start with your toes at the edge of the obstacle. Squat - close to 1/3 -  and bring your arms down and back as you lean forward -...

Explore Parkour Features

Technical Video Analysis

Different angles and slow mo to help you analyze and breakdown different techniques.

Diverse Language Support

If English is your second language, we will be translating and making our content available in many different languages, like Portuguese. The next languages coming are Spanish and Turkish!

Concept Based Learning

Learn how to infuse concepts into the physical, mental and technical aspects of your training or classes.

Online Training Program

Distance shouldn’t be a barrier that keeps you away from learning. Develop your training and coaching skills by having online classes with us!

Interactive Articles

Learn about different aspects of movement and training with informational and humorous footnotes.

Games Database

Training can be difficult but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun! Our archive of games can help include training concepts and practices in a fun way to your community training or classes.

Movement Map

See how different techniques are related to each other so you can find and progress your movement vocabulary in a logical way.

In Person Training

To understand any of our topics on an even deeper level we can deliver in person events to further expand on any of the content in our site.

Learn at your own pace

Explore ways to achieve your movement goals and more

By understanding the 3 foundations in Parkour you will be able to assess yourself and create a roadmap to improve and track your progress.

Become a better coach

Become a more elegant, effecient and enjoyable instructor.

Through various articles, drills, videos, peer feedback and self reflection see what ways you can learn and continue your education as a movement instructor.

Increase your potential

Explore our technical, conceptual and physical database

As you increase and develop your technical, conceptual and physical capacities you will be able to unlock new understandings and functional abilities for your practice and life.

Jesse Danger - The Movement Creative

“Jereme’s passion for movement is matched by his passion for sharing it. What I’ve noticed is that I consistently perform better when and while I train with him – his attitude and ideas bringing out the best in me.

He is a wellspring of ideas to improve my training as well as ones to improve my coaching.”

Dan Coyle - Coyle Outside

“Jereme and Explore Parkour ran all of our outdoor Parkour camps in 2019 and consistently got amazing reviews from participants and their families.  Jereme was professional, passionate and genuine and we hope to work with him and Explore Parkour in 2020 and beyond.”

Casper Søndergaard

“Jereme is an excellent teacher and facilitator of movement. He has the ability to break down complex movement patterns in a way that make them digestible for newcomers and experienced athletes alike.

His approach to coaching and overall ability to distill patterns of movement into simple exercises, has helped me tremendously on how to increase my body awareness and ability to learn new skills aswell as improving on old ones.

This combined with his very warm and helpful spirit makes him a joy to be coached by. “

Katie Vickers

“I first met Jereme about two months in to my parkour training, and he has played a tremendous part in moulding me into the athlete and person I am today.

I find the way he explains and demonstrates very easy to take on board and put in to practice, and I certainly would not have learnt as quickly as I did without him there!

His own movement is liquid magic to watch, and this alone is great inspiration. I enjoy his incorporation of old school parkour mentality, and know that he puts a tremendous amount of effort into researching his programs.

He has taught me so many unique moves and I often think of his creativity when I’m devising a route.

Alongside this he is a funny, wise and unique character who has been a great friend, I’m very lucky that we crossed paths and so would anyone else be that does so.”