This concept focuses on our ability to perceive the world around us. The more we can see the more we can experience which can directly affect our ability to progress, express ourselves or accept a given situation. I’ve broken down awareness in Parkour into 3 different categories that can be developed on, awareness of self, environment and others.


Strength is not just our toughness or control but also things like our ability to accept, trust, and be honest. The articles inside here are designed to help broaden our idea of what strength is so that we can help develop it in ourselves and others.



Being useful is an old school tenet in Parkour and here my goal is to help us understand the concepts that help us maximize our efficiency, adaptability and sustainability.


Our ability to create and shape ourselves and our world. In addition to the ever expanding movement vocabulary that exists in Parkour you can see different topics that aid us in our creativity such as problem solving, improvisation, collaboration, and visualization.


Each movement, be it physical, mental or emotional has energy. When we can conserve this energy from one moment to the next we will be able to use this efficiency to achieve more. Topics inside momentum include rhythm, progressions and gravity.


This concept has to do with our ability to see the details or bigger picture in our lives while also relating to our ability to more effectively use focus in our training. Topics include visual coordination, intention and goal setting.