Also known as: Didi Roll

Movement Pieces

front shot hip roll
Side shot hip roll

Back shot hip roll

front shot hip roll

The basic sequence of micro-transitions in this move is…

-You will start this movement by crouching down while reaching slightly with an internally rotated hand to the ground.

-When you are fully crouched and the hand you are reaching with has touched the ground you will touch the same side thigh to the ground as you swing the free knee behind you.

-As your roll starts, trace from thigh->glute->other glute->other thigh. use the other hand slightly behind your torso to keep balance and aid in standing.

-As your other hand and thigh touch the ground swing what will now be the other leg into a kneeling position while you push with the other hand and leg to keep moving.



Common Problems – Middle

Problem- anticipating with your hand in hip rollWhen the second hand is placed immediately after the first hand it takes away from the rolling action done on the hip. You want to feel at least a bit of rolling happen before the second hand gets used.


weight too forward in middle hip rollIf you don’t have your hands behind your hips at all it’s super easy to turn this movement into a kind of half side/half hip roll and potentially smash into the the ground with your shoulder.

Try to keep your hands behind your center of gravity slightly with the fingers facing forward and elbows slightly bent so you can transfer the momentum well and safely.


problem weight too much on hands hip rollWhen your weight is too far back you lose a bit of the momentum since your energy is not going completely lateral, some is being lost to your back. Being sure to find that balance so you can maintain your momentum through the roll will help you link it with other moves.

Common Problems – End

problem weight too forward Hip RollWith a lot of rolling movements it can be difficult to keep control of your center of gravity, when finishing this move that can turn into a bit of a stumble if you aren’t careful.

Play with this move nice and slow to find the balance and then you can speed it up without worrying as much about the stumble potential.


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