Rolling movements where your body is traveling predominantly sideways in relation to the start point of your body. (Ex. Hip Roll, Pencil Roll, etc.)


Rolls begin or end with contact of the shoulder (Shoulder Roll, Back Roll, etc.)


Rolls that predominantly follow the transverse axis. (Ex. Front Roll, Back Roll)

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Shoulder Roll

Shoulder Roll

Also known as: Parkour Roll, Safety RollMovement PiecesThe basic sequence of micro-transitions in this move is… - Find yourself a flat surface to perform your Shoulder Roll. If you're starting to work on this technique we suggest rubber, foam or grass. With practice...

Hip Roll

Hip Roll

Also known as: Didi RollMovement Pieces The basic sequence of micro-transitions in this move is... -You will start this movement by crouching down while reaching slightly with an internally rotated hand to the ground. -When you are fully crouched and the hand you are...